The story of our Gaúchos and our country is as robust as the meat you will enjoy at Boi Na Braza Brazilian Steak House. In the early 1800's, European immigrants settled in the Southern region of Brazil, specifically in the Rio Grande do Sul state, where the fertile, grassy plains were perfect for finding new and better opportunities for their families. There Brazilian settlers were excellent horsemen so they quickly became adept at rising and herding cattle imported from Cabo Verde. The settlers, our ancestors, became known as Gaúchos. The Gaúchos were a strong and proud people who loved their land. The Gauchos would dig pits in the ground and begin the fire. Once the wood would turn to embers, the gauchos would skewer the meat on wooden skewers and slowly roasted the meat over the open flame. Thus the tradition of churrasco (barbeque; pronounced shoo.rhas’.ko) was born. Gauchos gathered their families around the table for a meal. The Gauchos would serve their guests with skewered meats, along with fruits and vegetables to the table. Using traditional knives Gauchos wore on their belts, they would sliced tender pieces of meat. The succulent meats were served continuously to all, creating the unique experience of the rodizio, meaning all around. Beginning in 1990 in a churrascaria in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, gauchos were trained and recruited to share their tradition here in the U.S. In 2000, Boi Na Braza first opened its doors in Dallas Texas. We are proud to carry these traditions and heritage of the gauchos with you today. Boi Na Braza means “steer over the embers,” representing the Gaucho tradition of cooking the meat. The burgundy outline represents the bull and the colorful embers are below.