Chicken, Lamb, & Pork

The finest non-steak selections, from leg of lamb to pork chops


Lamb Chops & Leg of Lamb

Mouthwatering and fresh, Young Leg of Lamb or Succulent Lamb Chops are prepared and served by Boi Na Braza Gaúcho Chefs.


Chicken Leg & Chicken Breast

Frango in Portuguese means chicken. Boi Na Braza Gaúcho Chefs prepare and serve your choice of a lean, specially marinated chicken breast wrapped in bacon, or a juicy, plump chicken leg , both cooked over an open fire and roasted to perfection.


Pork Sausage

Succulent Boi Na Braza special recipe pork sausage.

Costela de Porco

Pork Ribs

Tender slow-roasted pork ribs, specially prepared, seasoned, and served by Boi Na Braza Gaucho chefs.


Pork Loin

Pork medallions are coated with Parmesan cheese, and then grilled to seal in the juiciness of this lean meat.

  • “Boi Na Braza is truly a cut above the rest when it comes to quality. Every time I eat there it is truly a great experience.”

  • “My wife and I love eating here. The quality of meat is second to none.”