Las Colinas

Braza Lunch

Join us in Las Colinas at Boi Na Braza for Braza Lunch every weekday! Dine on 5 select Brazilian cuts of meat, plus unlimited sides and salad for only $24.95! ......

Traditional Brazilian Side Dish

A Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Side Dishes

Delicious meats, pasta, sandwiches and other main courses tend to be the cornerstones of our culinary occurrences. However, a thoughtfully paired side dish often enhances an entrée and makes it ......

Private Dining Room

Why Choose Private Dining With an Event Manager?

Private dining allows you to enjoy savory food in a beautiful location without the hassle of planning your own event. If you’re hosting an upcoming party, wedding rehearsal dinner or ......

Churrasco Meats

The History of Churrasco

When people go out on the town, they tend to gravitate toward American food, pub fare and chain restaurants. These options are familiar, and even though you may not have ......